Happy Hogmanay

I’d normally write a daft funny story to celebrate the year and bring in the new one. 2022 however has been such a weird year I’m in a more reflective mood .

Charles Darwin was one of the earliest proponents of the theory of evolution. Survival of the fittest. Adapt or die. Over centuries creatures and plants have evolved, normally for the better, to ensure their existence. Humans are no different. Stronger, taller, living longer, more knowledgeable of their surroundings and place in the universe, humans have adapted to become the species controlling planet Earth. That was until 2022. Instead of evolving I feel our species took several steps backwards along the evolutionary path.

Russia’s insane invasion of Ukraine was the first crack in the theory of evolution. No matter what you try to draft together to justify the killing of thousands of people, there was no justification for what Putin and his sidekicks did. Ukraine and it’s people were no threat to Russia at all. Yet, Putin, Lavrov and their minions somehow persuaded millions of Russians this was a justified ‘special operation’. Why have the Russian people not stopped this. Apparently because the state ‘brainwash’ them all. What a load of nonsense. Honestly, the Russian nation have squashed evolution in its entirety. A backward nation run by complete nutters.

Next on the list….China. What on earth is wrong with you. A vast nation which has sort of embraced capitalism while still maintaining a bit of communism. In the right balance this is ok. However, between denying its human rights policy is not crazy bad, the way it’s dealt with democracy in Hong Kong, it’s Covid policy, excursions into Indian territory and its obsession with the tiny state of Taiwan, again, they’ve gone 200 years backwards on the evolution scale. Bonkers country, bonkers leaders. Just bonkers.

Add Indonesia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Myanamar to the list and you nearly have a top ten list of evolutionary failures.

The UK of course wasn’t exactly proof that DNA was helping improve things for humanity. We put up with a lying bonkers Prime Minister for way too long, then chose a crazy woman who nearly brought down the financial world. We now have a 3rd choice in place who’s latest gaffe was asking a homeless person at a homeless shelter ‘what business was he in?’

We also decided to ship refugees who’d spent their life savings to get here………..to Rwanda…….. whilst trying to tell us they were all bad Albanians…… 🙄

The Queen, Vivienne Westwood and Pele all passed away. Hopefully, one or more of all the little babies born in 2022 will replace the ones we’ve lost and grow to understand what underpins the things we, the people of planet Earth, wish for, which are, enlightened fair democracy, common sense, fairness, a job, or at least peace to live the life they want ……….oh………and no war.

I wouldn’t bet 2023 will bring all of this but let’s hope the sane 99% of us can out evolve the 1% who seem determined to go backwards in time to prove Darwin wrong.

Happy 2023

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