Christmas 2022

Our tree for 2022

It was Christmas Day The air was filled with joy . Well actually the air was filled with the strong smell of Auntie Jaynes cheap perfume.Cousin Brian started coughing profusely as she walked past resulting in a rapid hunt around for a Covid testing kit.

On the premis of going out for logs for the fire, uncle John was vaping at the bottom of the garden whilst sneaking a cheeky slurp of cherry kopparberg.

Vikki, who’s turn it was to cook Christmas dinner, had forgotten to switch the oven on, a small detail she’d discover to her cost in about two hours time. She’d tried to get the kids to open their presents, but they were still glued to their phones on the couch texting their pals who were similarly glued to their phones but in different locations.

Gramps was stuck in the corner watching True Grit for the hundred and thirty fourth time. Dad was hunting for the remote but Gramps had hidden it under the Christmas tree, which he did every year ad infinitum.

In the meantime, despite global warming, it had started snowing. No one noticed, except uncle John, who tried to catch it in his cherry cider.

It was Christmas 2022…….

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