Pictures – YouTube and the glass apple 

Drawing and me are a bit like Donald Trump is to politics, not very compatible. Give me a blank sheet of paper and I’d struggle. However, give me something to copy or a photo to generate an idea and…..I’m sort of in there. As I mentioned in another post, for someone who doesn’t really draw, I have more art materials than Donald Trump has gaffes (I was going to say ‘sorry’ if you’re a Donald Trump supporter reading this but that would also be ridiculous ☺️). Based on art materials alone, I should be in the Premier League of artists. But, when you see what other people can do, I’m in the Sunday League of the Art world,  and that probably being disrespectful to the Sunday League. 🤔

With a bit of practice and tuition you can improve though. YouTube is an amazing source of art tuition. I’m subscribed to several proper artists Channels. They are full of tricks and trips on drawing just about anything. Before I started following them I was drawing very basic things. Let me go off through my iPad photos and see if I can find an example……. stay with me………

………..ok thanks for waiting ☺️ this is an early ‘d’ actually drawn using Paper by 53, an app on the iPad. So, I didn’t even leave my seat to ‘draw’ this. You can imagine en emperors clothes type of art critic saying ‘Oh Dahling…..I like its simplicity and the colours, they just jump out at you…..’ When, actually, a 5 year old could probably have done better. ☺️

But, there’s a guy called Marcello Barenghi, who has his own YouTube channel…… he is one of many amazing artists. He taught me to do this……..

Just by watching a 5 minute sped up video by Marcello, I could draw a glass green apple using pastel pencils. I was quite pleased, but, of course, to put my smile back in the pot, Marcello can do this…….

Maybe next week I’ll try that one…….☺️

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