Maisie the Cat

The story of how Maisie the Cat ended up with us is worth a minor discussion. We’d put off having another cat after Spike, our first ever cat passed away. Eventually we decided to visit the Cat Protection League and have a look at Maisie. She’d been in and out of homes and allegedly been in a feral situation with several other cats at some point. When we went to have a look at her, she was so shy. There was a cat in the next cage who was all over us but, for some reason we chose Maisie. It’s taken weeks and weeks but she’s calmed down. She has been bringing her food up now and again but we’ve put that down to eating too quickly. She also finds the outside world a scary place and won’t venture more than 20 feet beyond the kitchen door. We’ll get there eventually…… here she is lying in front of the woodburner tonight ☺️ 

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