The 2nd Annual TAFTAS

The Nominees for the 2nd Annual TAFTA’s (Torthorwald Village Annual Film and Twitter Awards) are as follows…..

Best Comedy Writer

@qosfc1919 for creating SMILE voted the 75th millionth best blog in the world
94 yr old Hilda Von Voomswinkel for the Church Gazette Newsletter
Bob from the village for his ‘Paving Slabs’ blog voted 74,999 millionth in the world
FT for

Most Evil Character

Vladimir Putin for ‘The Man Who Stole The World’
Sepp Blatter for ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

Best Actor

Charlie the Dodo for ‘Honestly I’m Not Extinct’
Mad Malkie for ‘The Last Christmas Present’
#Jeremy for ‘The Mouse Who No One Knew’

Best Actress

Edith for ‘Edith and Maisie – The Polling Station
Katie the Yak for ‘I’m a Princess’

Best Romantic Fiction

@A_Turner_Author for her Kindle book ‘Trusting Thyme’

Best Crime Thriller

@Mark_Leggatt for ‘Names Of The Dead’ out July 2015

Best Character in a Blog Story on

Edith for ‘Edith and Maisie – The Polling Station’
Jake for ‘The Last Christmas Present’
Team Tartan for ‘FT’s Tartan Diaries’
Dave for ‘The Wedding Parts 1-3’

Best Hashtags

# ArmyOfTinyCybermen

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