Reminder of the #TAFTAS NOMINEES

The Nominees for the first TAFTA’s (Torthorwald village Annual Film and Twitter Awards) were as follows:

Best Comedy Writer @qosfc1919 for allegedly being ‘funny on the inside’
Fermer Broon for his whimsical humour in the
Community Council newsletter and 93yr old Hilda von
Voomswinkel for her Church Gazette

Lifetime Achievement Award The Wet Fish for ‘Slapping Premiere Putin’

Best Wildlife Documentary

Katie the Yak for her appearance in the remake of ‘Dr Doolittle’
Charlie the Dodo in David Attenbroughs ‘ Extinct – Really?’
The Nematodes for ‘Return of the Nematodes’

Best Evil Character EvilSkyDish for ‘Demon on the Roof’
Vladimir Putin for ‘How I Stole The World’

Best Actress Katie the Yak for ‘Dr Doolittle’
Freaky Fiona for ‘The Madboys’

Best Actor Crane for ‘Crane – Intergalactic Hero’
Mad Malkie for ‘The Madboys’
Fat Eck for ‘The Madboys’

Best Foreign Film Olga and Dmitri for ‘Crimea wtf happened?’

Best Newcomer Crane for ‘Crane – Intergalactic Hero’
RedUrzuBird for ‘Crane – Intergalactic Hero’
Boorp for ‘Crane – Intergalactic Hero’

Best Sports Documentary

The Nematodes for ‘How The Nematodes saved Scottish Rugby’

Best Short Film the Tunnellers for ‘Tunnel to Cardiff’

Best Twitter Hashtag

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