One Minute News Qatar 2022 World Cup

The big event today is of course the start of the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world, but, Scotland are not in it so let’s move on….. 🙄

Staying with football, Ronaldo has been hitting the headlines in Britain this week. Despite being paid five hundred thousand pounds a WEEK by his employers Manchester United, he decided to be interviewed by Piers Morgan and criticise nearly everyone including his manager Eric Ten Hag. He was recently asked to go on as a substitute with about 3 minutes to go to the final whistle. Instead he refused to go on, strutted down the tunnel, grabbed his Gucci training bag and buggered off before his fellow teammates had even left the pitch.

Ronaldo storms off in the huff

Now, I like playing football, but if someone offered me £500,000 to do a bit of training then sit and watch a game for 90 minutes before heading off in my Bugatti to go home, I’d probably be ok.

I used to be the little fat kid with spectacles who was always picked last. Now THAT’S being humiliated. Big Ron has been a brilliant player. He’s been obsessed with being the best, staying fit and being a role model for the players around him. I think he’s played his last game for United. I’m still waiting for my first 🤣🤣🤣

Oh…..wait a minute….BREAKING NEWS…….Scotland are…….still not in the 2022 World Cup. Actually, it’s probably a good thing we’re not there. Qatar announced a couple of days ago they’d changed their minds and no alcohol will be sold inside the stadiums. Can you imagine being a Scotsman watching your team drawing 0-0 with Ecuador only to lose a goal in the 98th minute due to VAR ruling the ball had hit a molecule on a Scottish defenders arm. All this, without a lager to console him. It’s much better to have the Tartan Army fuelled up. Even when we lose we just sing. 😁😁⚽️⚽️

Tartan Army Paris

Moving on to Brexit…… we’ll examine it in detail next time. In the meantime the LED By Donkeys team have produced a video……….

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