One Minute News October 17th

Climate change is a big thing, so, it’s great to see Scotland is at the forefront of the fight to stop everyone drowning in salty water. A music venue, SWG3, in Glasgow, has apparently installed a system which absorbs thermal emissions from…………..the clubbers dancing to the hip music. Yes…..every time clubbers get down to HoneyLuv, they generate heat. As the tempo rises, the Scots cool enough to get down and boogie, start to up the ante, generating a few watts of thermal energy.

The heat is absorbed by the system surrounding the dance floor and stored for using elsewhere. One of the clubbers, Sweaty Boab, has become very popular. 🤭

Another story that caught my eye was the announcement that the world toe wrestling champion was retiring. I didn’t even know it was a thing, but, it’s true. People lie on the ground, wrap their big toes together, and……..well……..wrestle.

So, don’t say you don’t have any hobbies. This one is waiting for you. 🤭

Last one minute news item of the week, is the joke that is the UK government. As I mentioned in my ‘Putting the Great back in Great Britain, when Liz Truss was voted as PM by the great and the good of Tory voters, it was never going to go well. Guess what? It hasn’t. Her and her chancellor took on capitalism and lost. Pension funds were floundering, with financial market investors spilling their champagne in horror as the Liz and Kwasi show, threatened to ruin Western society quicker than Vladimir Putin.

Net result, the Daily Star have a live webcam where a lettuce has been betted on to outlast Liz Truss’s time as Prime Minister. I think the lettuce could do a better job…….😂😂😂

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