Tiny Robots Called Bob

The World is a complicated place. Full of weird and wonderful things, it never ceases to amaze. This week China apparently complained to the United Nations about Elon Musk cluttering space with his network of satellites. Elon rejected the claims that his Starlink satellite internet project is taking up too much room in space. ‘ “Tens of billions” of satellites can be accommodated in orbits close to Earth. Elon went on to likening his fleet of satellites filling up the skies to the equivalent of having ‘2000 cars on Earth’. Presumably he meant Teslas 😂

The thing is, when a bit falls off a Tesla on Earth, it’s not going to float through space and rip apart the Chinese space station. Has Elon nor his son, wotsitsname, seen the film Gravity!!

Look up at the sky…..nothing to see 😁

So, is there a problem or not? Well, judging by the picture below, there might be. A random visit to Elon’s inter galactic launch pad centre showed it to be quite busy………

Elon’s launch centre – nothing to see 😁

We looked for evidence as to whether it is indeed busy up there. Luckily William Shatner, during his flight into space, which he described as ‘not quite as good as the USS Enterprise’, had taken a photo on his new iPhone 13………..

My God Captain…….they’re everywhere 😂

However, George Clooney, whilst filming Gravity, had snapped this shot of the Chinese Space Station, showing the car park to be much quieter back in the day.

Chinese Space Station – not a Musky satellite in sight……😳

So, who do we believe? Elon, who called his baby son “X Æ A-12” or the Chinese government, who told its population they could only have one child. Then, when it realised they would run out of kids to build its own satellite network, told the population to get on the job and have a second child. When the government statistician, Yu Sum, pointed out this would still not be enough, the population were told to get busy and make 3 children.

When Elon was contacted, he allegedly replied. ‘I don’t know why they’re bothering with 3 kids as all my satellites will soon be built by tiny robots called Bob………

‘Tiny Robots Called Bob’ was brought to you by David Linden aka qosfc1919 on Twitter. ©️Dodo Productions 2022

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