Blitzen, Xmas and Ukraine

It’s been difficult for many people in recent times. Between Covid and now Ukraine, it’s another period where the civilised world needs to get through and reflect. So, a tiny bit of positivity, is my little story of Blizen’s lights.

Like many people, in early December, we set off to buy a real Xmas tree, got it home, decorated it, switched the lights on, threw some tinsel up, and voila, that was Xmas done. However, like everyone else, 2021 had been another tough year for us. Relatives passing, no visitors, stuck in the house most days with nowhere to go. So, we didn’t go nuts, but, we decided to scale up a bit on the decorations front.

First of all we moved the Xmas tree to the dining room window. We’d always stuck it in the corner of the room. It’s new spot in the window just set it off.

Then, we went shopping for some Christmas lights……….

Now, putting lights up outside has never been ‘a thing’ for us. We’re in the middle of nowhere, so, even if we made the effort, no one would see them. But, there we were, raking round the myriad of box filled shelves, with every choice of Christmas LED flashing you could find. Remembering to get some clips to attach them to the house, we ended up with over 200 feet of lights. Yes, 200 feet 🫠🫠🫠

Then, it happened……….

‘Oh I like that d…….’

‘Like what?’


Fran was pointing to a wicker deer, covered in white glistening Xmas lights.

‘I don’t think so’ I said firmly.

‘Oh come on. It’s lovely’

‘No…..the lights I’ve bought are fine…..just fine’

‘Can I help you?’

Oh no! An assistant had arrived at just the ‘we were walking away time’. Now it was ‘about to be sucked in time’ 🤭🫠🤭

Twenty minutes later we were heading home with two hundred feet of Xmas lights and a nearly 2 metre tall stag in the boot…… 🫣🫣🫣

The next day I started putting the lights up then it was Blitzen’s turn. Once it was dark, we turned them on…….

Blitzen lit up

I couldn’t believe how majestic and lovely he looked. Even it’s reflection in a bedroom window just added to its beauty. I was sucked in…🫠🫠🫠

From then on I looked forward to coming home and seeing Blitzen brightening up the drive. Like a child, I also looked forward to switching him on at the weekends. we took him down during a storm, but, apart from that he shone each evening like the Milky Way. ⭐️🌟✨

Blitzen sees his first snowfall

Then, the day came. The twelfth day of Christmas. It was time to switch the lights off, and, yes, take Blitzen apart and pack him away until next year. Then, I had an idea. We’d moved some furniture around in the dining room and there was a space where the Xmas tree had stood. Why not sit Blitzen in the window space. No one would see it but us. So, that’s what we did. 🤭

Blitzens new home 🫠

So, instead of sitting in a dark cupboard, the majestic Blitzen was still making us smile each day. Then, a completely evil madman ordered his army into Ukraine, and the world was a mad, sad place once more. We felt helpless. In the end we offered to host a Ukrainian family in our home. As of April 15th we are still waiting. However, I remembered we’d a Ukrainian flag from the Euro’s football ⚽️ tournament. So, we hunted it out and……..

Each little light for every town and village in Ukraine… the hope that one day soon they will return to their lives, albeit, thanks to Russia and its horrible leaders, it will leave sad memories for many years. We now put Blitzen’s lights on every night. #StandUpForUkraine

Let us hope the civilised world returns to normal…….we need sanity not insanity.

‘Blitzen, Xmas and Ukraine’ was brought to you by David Linden aka @qosfc1919 on Twitter. ©️DodoProductions 2022

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