The Weekly Thingamajig April No. 6

As you know by now the The Weekly Thingamajig is at the cutting edge of the news, the rumours, the gossip. This week is no different. The world of Soccer was stunned to hear of a secret plan which supporters, heads of government and my DPD delivery driver all feared would be the end of soccer as we know it. Papers, websites and talkative macaws all took to social media to slate the muted ESL (European Soccer League). Within 72 hrs the plan had raised so much negative publicity, the owners of the 12 breakaway clubs decided to back down. However, The Weekly Thingamajig can exclusively reveal the ESL was a sham to hide the real plan which will shake European football to the core….read on……

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The Weekly Thingamajig April No. 6 was brought to you by David Linden aka @qosfc1919 on Twitter ©️ Dodo Productions 2021 Email me at

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