Sunday and Sunsets

I’m soooooo lucky to live where I do. High up on a hill in Bonnie Scotland . It is a beautiful country. Yes, it can rain a lot sometimes but as you can’t see from the view from my patio today, it’s a lovely sunny day.

View to the North West from my house

One thing I love is no two days are the same here nor the seasons. I also love nature particularly birds and especially Robins. I’ve drawn and photographed these beautiful little birds around my garden. Whether it’s because they’re so cute or the bright red chest they just make me smile. I took the one below at the edge of the field with my Nikon. Lovely!!

Robin Redbreast

Other birds come to visit during the summer with Housemartins and Swallows. One spring however loads of Sparrows arrived and over the last 4 years they’ve destroyed most of the nests 😦 For next spring I’ve bought some artificial nests where the sparrows can’t widen the entrance and steal the nest.

Swallow on our roof ❤️

I was surprised to discover Naturalists don’t have an exact location for where these tiny birds migrate to during our winter. Apparently they fly all the way across Europe and into Africa, crossing the Sahara desert, before spending the winter hidden away in the Equatorial rainforest. Amazing creatures.

I spent an afternoon a while ago trying to capture Housemartins in flight. They are amazingly fast. It took ages before I managed even this shot!!

Housmartin building its nest on our house

Where there’s bids there are bees. Beautiful little creatures. You forget there is so much to see just in your own garden. These were taken with my Nikon D700 – came out alright 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I also love the sunsets we get. We recently refurbished my old den which used to be a little cowshed. It has creaky draft doors and old windows. We keep the outside the same and modernised the inside, building a large patio outside. These are some of the sunsets I’ve captured in the last year or so.

Next time I’m going to drone on about hens – bet you can’t wait 🙂

‘Sunday and Sunsets’ was brought to you by David Linden aka @qosfc1919 on Twitter ©️Dodo Productions 2020


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