This week in Bulgaria

I thought just for a laugh I’d pick a country at random and share some current news on ‘happening moments”. I chose Bulgaria………

beautiful Bulgaria

The item which caught my eye was an offer from Mensa to all the 318 Bulgarian candidates competing for Bulgaria’s 17 seats in the European Parliament to sit an IQ test.

With 17 days to go to Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections Mensa, not for the first time apparently sent out invitations to sit a free test. .

The test is free, and candidates should agree to their results being made public.

Apparently, these elections in Bulgaria are not the first time Mensa has issued such an invitation.

In September 2014, it issued the invitation to all 5232 candidates in the National Assembly elections. Sixteen accepted.

In 2016, four of the 21 presidential election candidates took the test. Their results were deemed “below average for society”. All four were eliminated at the first round, but perhaps for reasons of their obscurity rather than anything else. Neither of the two candidates who made it to the second round of the presidential elections – Tsetska Tsacheva and Roumen Radev (who won) took the test.

I wondered how our current UK politicians would do and came across this gem for Boris Johnson, would be future Prime Minister of ‘Great’ Britain…………..

Boris was asked: “Take two apples from three apples and what do you have?” Johnson said: “Loads of apples.” He then changed his answer to one apple. The answer the questioner wanted was two apples…………

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