Jeremy Clarkson and my Bluetooth Keyboard

I’ve been contemplating for a long time over what I should blog about. Every subject I’m interested in is already covered by some other very clever and industrious people. So, I thought, why bother ( as you will probably think if you read any further 🙂 ). After all, if people can find better information on their favourite subject then why would they come here.
Then i thought, here we are, we’re on a ball of rock hurtling through space at 186,000mph with a large heater stuck next to us, on what has got to be the best designed open prison ever, and I’m worried whether some stranger will like my bloody blog. Get a grip D……..
So if can actually stop myself from flitting from one ‘hobby’ to another ( as I’m prone to do ), you might get a random load of nonsense on any subject under the sun.

ok, so i’m sitting on my patio steps, with my 18 month old i-pad. it’s a bit pissed off with me because i didn’t remember it’s birthday 6 months ago, so there were no flowers, no dinner for 3, I didn’t even buy it a new battery, as you can’t fit one on an i-pad unless you have an HNC in gluing. I have tried however to appease my little emotional box of rare earth elements and silicon, by getting it several companions. the first of which is enabling me to do this ( yes i know you’re already regretting me having bought it and you don’t even know what it is!). it’s a bluetooth keyboard. You see, I bought an apple keyboard, but it can only sit connected in portrait mode which makes it top heavy and useless for most things, unless you sit it on a desk (maybe i should have checked if there was an apple bluetooth version). Anyway, this is a 10 pound and a few pence thing bought via Amazon and, so far it works. it’s so cheap i can’t even see a makers name on it. But hey, it’s allowing me to sit in the sunshine and write this so it”s all good.

while i was looking that up i discovered for another thirty quid i could have bought this. which appears to be an apple version. Hmmmm. we’ll see how long my little cheap thing works ( it does need recharging but that’s easy via a USB connection to my PC )

Changing the subject. Jeremy Clarkson. He’s one of my life conundrums. I’ve only laughed out loud at two books ( yes i’m a miserable sod sometimes ). One was Bill Bryson’s ‘Notes for a Small Island’ and the other was one of Clarkson’s compilation of columns he does for a newspaper in the UK. so he’s right up there in a very elite list. However, he continually slags off Vauxhall cars, and, guess what I’ve got 🙂 . So he’s also on my growing list of people I’d like to slap on the face with a wet fish.
Yesterday, he was back to making me smile. He was on about pilotless drones. you know the little spyplanes piloted by some nerdy geek with an NSA approved XBox One from some beercan scattered bedroom in Nevada. Jeremy pointed out the obvious ‘if they are pilotless, why do the drones have windows?’. Well done Jeremy, but the obvious answers range from ‘so that the computer can see where it’s going’ to ‘it’s probably got a real safety pilot backup as the computer system is based on Windows 8’.

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