Always smile when the new year arrives. Nearly everyone, including myself, says ‘this year will be different’, ‘I’ll set goals’, ‘lose weight’, ‘exercise more’, ‘give up alcohol’, ‘be nice to people’, ‘learn a new language’, ‘get a new hobby’……..the list is endless. By the end of January almost everyone has reverted to type, working their way towards making the same list on the corresponding day one year later.

It is possible to break that mould. In 2017 I jogged everyday for 118 days in a row, ending up fitter than I’ve ever been. So, it’s true. Put your mind to it, it might just happen. Whenever I’ve stuck to a goal it’s worked out just fine. I started drawing in 2015 and my blog writing took off. The only thing was I eventually let life events take my eye off the ball, reverting to type once again.

This year I’m going to try to stick in there. Set goals that I can achieve. Mostly set them to be enjoyable (clearing the garden debris has to be done, but isn’t always enjoyable 😁)

Today I said I would draw something for #sketchjanuary . I did achieve that goal, but it was rubbish. I haven’t drawn anything for a long time, so, it wasn’t a surprise that in 30 minutes all I achieved was this…….

It’s a bird……honest

Tomorrow, I’m going for a better drawing, and, writing 500 words on this blog. it might be another rubbish drawing and 500 words of nonsense, but, who cares. It’s a bit of fun. That’s what life needs to be. A bit of fun. 🤗

Changing the subject, I actually like Twitter. If you don’t take it too seriously, it can be a bit of fun. Today, it was the Queen’s new year honours list that made me laugh…..

Chris Whitty must have been overjoyed to find out he was a Knight of the Rounded Table until he saw Tony Blair was sitting opposite him 😂🙄

Tony Blair becoming a Knight. On that basis, Boris Johnson will probably become King of Borneo. 😳

Hopefully, tomorrow will be full of achievements 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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