How Computers Work

I’ve been a bit of a geek for a long time now. Whether it be the Xbox, computers, the Hadron collider, I read and know a bit about a lot of things. unfortunately not enough to make any money from πŸ™‚

This useless knowledge does come in handy for one special reason. Yes, it is mainly useful for helping my wife get to sleep………..

‘What are black holes? What’s heavy water? What is radioactivity? How far is the nearest planet? Explain electricity to me?’ I get all these questions and within 2 minutes she’s asleep’

I think the first one she ever asked me was ‘How do computers work?’ I was only 73 seconds into my explanation, when I heard the first snore. My work was done. She recently said ‘why don’t you use that skill of yours to teach others how things work. You have a knack of taking something complicated and being able to make everyone understand it’

She was right. I do have that skill. So, prepare to fall asleep as I explain in detail how computers work………..

Everyone probably thinks PC’s are all electricity, circuit boards, silicon chips and hard disks, but, nothing could be farther away from the truth.

When you press a key on the keyboard it yonks a squawky bird on the head. It then squawks the letter or number pressed very loudly to a sleeping squid. It gets more complicated if the shift button is pressed as it involves two squawky birds and two squid. On the Mac if you want to take a screen clipping, it involves shift command four, so there are 3 squawky birds involved and, as you’ll see some complex goings on.

squawky bird screams K

Little ink squirting squids lie in bed waiting to be squawked, each skilled to project the required letter or number.

Squidy letter squad

Once the appropriate squid gets squawked. It jumps out of bed and runs really quickly to a catapult. It is then projected towards the screen (my wife was asleep long ago πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€)

squidy catapult

As soon as the catapult is activated, a spider dangles from it’s web with a stencil of the letter or number required. The Squid shoots the required colour of ink through the stencil onto the screen. In the example shown a green K is required thus the spider has dangled the letter K and the squid has ejected green ink as required.

Et voila, the letter appears on the screen.

Bob the Eraser then appears to clean the screen or ‘delete letters’ (technical term)

Bob the Eraser

So, there you go. The truth about how computers work AND a cure for insomnia all in one. I am a genius. My wife is still snoring…….

2021 has to be better than 2020. Keep smiling everyone πŸ˜€

‘How Computers Work’ was Brought to you by David Linden aka @qosfc1919 on Twitter ©️Dodo Productions 2021

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